Dobson Cattle is a family-owned and operated cattle business offering quality Angus, Charolais and Red Angus Seedstock and genetics to cattle producers in Tasmania and Southern Australia. The cattle operation is run under commercial conditions maintaining a focus on the essential qualities we need in our beef cattle; structurally sound, balanced set of EBV’s and the ability to meet our domestic market specifications.

Our main aims at Dobson Cattle are:

Bring world leading genetics to our clients in the form of efficient and productive bulls and females
Maintain the qualities and attributes needed in cattle for commercial grass fed operations i.e. calving ease, low gestation length, muscling, lay down fat, confirmation, feet and legs, reproductive soundness.
Remain accountable of our bulls and females through recording performance of all applicable traits and comparing these with counterparts in the respect breeds.

Become a partner in your business. You are imperative to the success of our business so we need to work with our clients to ensure that our genetics and seedstock suit their operations.